Prof. Dr. phil. Yvonne Anne Michel

Prof. Yvonne Anne Michel
Prof. Dr. phil.
Yvonne Anne Michel
Fakultät Sozialwissenschaften
Berufungsgebiet: Soziale Arbeit und Gesundheit
02826 Görlitz
Furtstraße 2
Gebäude GI, Raum 2.09
2. Obergeschoss
+49 3581 374-4956

Social work and health

Maintaining good health is crucial for everyone. It can be a challenging task to help people achieve and maintain their physical and mental well-being. Healthcare professionals require a range of skills and competencies. In health-related social work, social workers play a vital role in enabling individuals with diverse conditions to enhance their quality of life and participate in society.

Professor Michel aims to spark students' curiosity in complex topics and to introduce them to different perspectives on health-related issues. She wants her students to experience how their knowledge can contribute to positive social change in practice. In her teaching, she encourages her students to actively shape their learning process.

Professor Michel's research focuses on

  • measuring complex constructs, such as quality of life
  • studying how health-related quality of life changes over our lifespan, especially at older age
  • exploring how quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) can be used as a criterion in societal decision-making
  • filling knowledge gaps on healthcare resource use by providing real-world data to decision makers in the healthcare sector.
  • Vita

    Since 02/2023:
    Professor of Social Work and Health at the University of Applied Science Zittau/Görlitz

    Senior Consultant at the Norwegian Medicines Agency. Health Technology Assessment: Systematic, evidence-based evaluation of new drugs regarding their benefits for patients and advising decision-makers in healthcare.

    Ph.D. at the Institute for Health and Society, University of Oslo, Norway. Topic: Methodological challenges when measuring and valuing health.

    Systemic Counselling for Young Professionals, isb GmbH Systemische Professionalität Wiesloch

    Research Assistant at the Max Planck Institute for Educational Research, Berlin. Research areas: Developmental Psychology & Educational Sciences, and Educational Systems.

    Psychology studies at Humboldt University in Berlin

  • Reasearch projects

    Since 2020 SAFE:
    Securing high-quality care for cancer patients at end-of-life

    Interdisciplinary collaboration project between universities from three countries and two municipal administrations:

    Improving valuation methods for the 15D instrument to estimate a value algorithm for use in Norwegian healthcare priority settings:

  • Selected publications

    Michel, Y. A., Aas, E., Augestad, L. A., Burger, E., Thoresen, L., Waaler Bjørnelv, G. M. (2023). Healthcare utilization and costs by level of care and cause of death (under review).

    Michel, Y. A., Steinmayr, R., Frenzel, A. C., & Ziegler, M. (2020). Unpacking domain-specific achievement motivation: the role of contextualising items for test-criterion correlations. Educational Psychology, 1-25.

    Michel, Y. A., Augestad, L. A., Barra, M., & Rand, K. (2019). A Norwegian 15D value algorithm: proposing a new procedure to estimate 15D value algorithms. Quality of Life Research, 28(5), 1129-1143.

    Michel, Y. A. (2019). Methodological challenges when measuring and valuing health. (Doctoral dissertation, University of Oslo, Norway). Retrieved from

    Michel, Y. A., Augestad, L. A., & Rand, K. (2018). Comparing 15D valuation studies in Norway and Finland—Challenges when combining information from several valuation tasks. Value in Health, 21(4), 462-470.

    Michel, Y. A., Engel, L., Rand-Hendriksen, K., Augestad, L. A., & Whitehurst, D. G. (2016). “When I saw walking I just kind of took it as wheeling”: interpretations of mobility-related items in generic, preference-based health state instruments in the context of spinal cord injury. Health and quality of life outcomes, 14(1), 1-11.



  • Teaching

    Health Care Systems, Counselling & Supervision, Lifespan Psychology, Organisational Development for recent teaching at Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz.

  • Memberships

    Deutsche Vereinigung für Soziale Arbeit im Gesundheitswesen e. V. (German Association for Social Work in Healthcare)