Professor Dr. rer. nat. Matthias Schmidt was voted as pro-dean of the faculty for social sciences in 2015. Since 2014 he is the senate of the University Of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz and a member of the council of the faculty for social sciences and works there in different bodies.

Since the same year Professor Schmidt is also a professor for labor and organizational psychology in which he’s especially developing the studies of communication psychology and researching questions about the applied psychology. His focus is on:
- labor and health

- leadership

- consequences of unemployment

- diversity management

- organizational conditions for innovation

- communication psychology and coaching

- knowledge management

- Human Factors (accidents and mistakes in social-technique systems)

- biomarkers in applied research/EKG, EEG

- Economic psychology

Professor Schmidt leads different projects. He pays a special attention on interdisciplinary cooperation what you can see in projects in engineering and technology (electrical engineering, computer science, medical engineering) and medicine.

He teaches at German and international universities, inter alia UC Berkeley, and widens his view to international research cooperations. Next to communication psychology Professor Schmidt teaches other studies at his faculty, too, for example MA Management Of Social Change, MA Social Gerontology and MA Integrated Management Systems.

To get more information of his different work spaces have a look on the website of Richter & Schmidt and his profile on ResearchGate.


Prof. Dr. Matthias Schmidt with his project group


Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Matthias Schmidt

professorship for organizational psychology

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